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Westville Correctional Facility Graduations - 2014

By Michael Higgins – CR Inside Leader

Westville Graduation-May 2014

Here are 2 photos of 2 different graduation classes of the CR Inside program at the Westville Correctional Facility in Westville, IN this year. (All graduates are not in the photos at the request of the inmates.) The Celebrate Recovery Inside program is part of the ‘Plus Program’ at this facility. The first photo is of the class that graduated in early May of 2014. The second photo is of the class that graduated November 4, 2014. The facility allows us 26 weeks for each class, and we are excited to hear that a graduate of an earlier class has started an inmate led CR Inside in another section of the facility.

I asked the last class what they were expecting before they came to the class. One inmate responded, "I was expecting another cookie cutter recovery program." I asked what he meant to which he replied, "Almost all the recovery programs are run the same." I asked him "How are we different?" He replied, "Your program is very different, tying all of those scriptures from the bible to your lessons. And having those live testimonies from former inmates have been a big help.

Westville Graduation-Nov 2014

Another inmate said, "The testimonies from former inmates has seemed to have broken a barrier of hope with the outside."

Yet another inmate said, "I felt that the video testimonies were a big help for me."

Another inmate said he came to the class without an addiction but he feels the program has helped him grow spiritually.

I can personally testify that I have seen some major changes to the men that have come to these classes. Not always right away, but the truth sometimes comes to them later.

I would like to thank Greg Demass for being our Chaplin during the inventory phase, and my brother Dan Higgins for being there to keep the program running. I also wish to thank all the people who gave up their time to come in to share their testimonies during these classes.

Michael Higgins
CR Inside Leader