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Why are so many women in prison? • BRAVE NEW FILMS

One-Third of the World's Women in Prison Have One Striking Thing in Common

They're locked up in the United States. All 201,200 of them.

Brave New Films recently aired an educational short that claimed the following: Not only are a significant percentage of women pregnant when imprisoned, more than 70% are also the primary caregivers of at least two minors. This spells disaster for many families, as children of the incarcerated are systematically dumped into the notoriously problematic foster care system, or "other [similarly] unstable situations."

On top of which, children of incarcerated parents are five times more likely than their peers to commit crimes.

It gets worse: In terms of the women themselves, female inmates face both higher rates of sexual abuse, mental illness (73% versus 55% for men) and chronic or communicable medical problems (59% versus 43% for men) than their male counterparts, the Sentencing Project reports.

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Celebrate Recovery Inside Home Run

Celebrate Recovery is prominently featured in the feature film Home Run.

"We have to break the cycle"
Burl Cain, Warden, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Angola, LA speaks on Celebrate Recovery® and how CR is changing the lives of those on the inside as witnessed through the message of Cory Brandt's life in Home Run the Movie. Check out how you can host a viewing of Home Run the Movie in your facility by clicking here.

HomeRun Updates

Home Run screenings in prison and jails continue, have you introduced it at the facility where you serve? The response from inmates, chaplains, and wardens has been awesome. You can still order a license agreement that is good for one year, at less than one-fifth the cost to outside churches and organizations. Here’s the link:

Read what the ministry leader at my home CR, Norma Murphy, wrote after accompanying our Inside Team to Eddie Warrior’s Women’s CC; as they screened Home Run to the residents there: "I have seen Home Run about 50 times: in theaters, in homes, in churches, with believers, with non-believers, with pastors, with CR leaders and more! But our experience last Sunday at Eddie Warrior Correctional Facility, in Taft, OK, surpassed them all!! We had 140 women enjoy absolutely every moment, laughing at the humor, intimately relating to the pain, reciting the Serenity Prayer with emotion and finding encouragement as the characters found freedom in Jesus Christ! We were deeply moved to watch the response of these women and are more proud of this movie than ever and more passionate about getting into EVERY prison and jail in Oklahoma! As always, I'm so blessed to be inside our Oklahoma prisons and see God so powerfully at work!! (Many thanks to our Celebrate Recovery leaders who take CR Inside [to] the jails every week!!)”.

And if that’s not enough, watch the Burl Cain video, if you haven’t yet. Click here to watch the video.