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Meet Darlene Monroe, Western Regional Editor

Darlene came to Celebrate Recovery through a friend, and non CR participant, in October 2009, at Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, CA. In 2010-11, she served apprentice Assimilation Coach at Capital. At Christmas 2010 she was welcomed to serve with a team of ladies to take a CR Christmas program and bibles to the inmates at the Sacramento County jail women’s facility at Rio Consumnes Correctional Center. At this visit she realized both an area of recovery that needed to be healed and her calling to prison and jail ministry. The visit was catalyst for a letting go of stuffed anger toward her mother for being incarcerated at this facility while Darlene battled cancer.

When asked for assistance in pulling together interest for a ministry team at RCCC, Capital’s CR TEAM was supportive and helped out by housing meetings and purchasing bibles. No matter how hard we tried we could not get in or even considered for clearance. The team of 5 faithful volunteers kept meeting and trying to get inside but constantly ran up against walls. In January 2011, during the One Day Summit held in Sacramento, CA, Darlene met Hector Lozano and asked for 2 minutes to pick his brain on the idea of CR at the county jails. She was privileged to get 45 minutes in a car Hector and Marnie (summit coordinator) to talk prison ministry. It was both a confirmation and the encouragement the team needed to continue moving forward.


Meet Ashley Gorka, North Central Regional Editor

I am so excited that I get to be on this amazing journey with such an amazing team. Like everyone here I have a passion for the jail and prison ministry of Celebrate Recovery. I have been so blessed to see lives change through this transforming ministry and I want to share these testimonies to give hope to the hopeless. It is my passion to help get the word out about what God is doing in your life and the lives of those around you. I am hoping we can connect to continue supporting and encouraging one another.

I have 12 years in recovery from chemical addiction and I now an married for the second time with 6 children total, 3 boys and 3 girls. I have been in CR since 2008 serving as CR and CRInside state rep and currently North Central Regional Editor! God has really changed my life. I am a new person and my identity is no longer in my addiction but in Jesus Christ.

HomeRun Updates

Home Run screenings in prison and jails continue, have you introduced it at the facility where you serve? The response from inmates, chaplains, and wardens has been awesome. You can still order a license agreement that is good for one year, at less than one-fifth the cost to outside churches and organizations. Here’s the link:

Read what the ministry leader at my home CR, Norma Murphy, wrote after accompanying our Inside Team to Eddie Warrior’s Women’s CC; as they screened Home Run to the residents there: "I have seen Home Run about 50 times: in theaters, in homes, in churches, with believers, with non-believers, with pastors, with CR leaders and more! But our experience last Sunday at Eddie Warrior Correctional Facility, in Taft, OK, surpassed them all!! We had 140 women enjoy absolutely every moment, laughing at the humor, intimately relating to the pain, reciting the Serenity Prayer with emotion and finding encouragement as the characters found freedom in Jesus Christ! We were deeply moved to watch the response of these women and are more proud of this movie than ever and more passionate about getting into EVERY prison and jail in Oklahoma! As always, I'm so blessed to be inside our Oklahoma prisons and see God so powerfully at work!! (Many thanks to our Celebrate Recovery leaders who take CR Inside [to] the jails every week!!)”.

And if that’s not enough, watch the Burl Cain video, if you haven’t yet. Click here to watch the video.

CR Inside Graduates at Boley, OK

God is doing awesome work at John Lilly Correctional Center! Last Saturday (11-17-12) due to our leaders teaching of the gospel of Christ, we had three men baptized into Christ. This CRI group is growing through the power of Jesus Christ. There are three step studies on every Saturday except for the third Saturday of every month where they have started a praise, worship and a testimony that is open to the yard. Praise God for all He is doing with these men. In two months we will be graduating men from one of the groups and then they will go through Leadership training where THEY will start another step study. We have three step studies going at a time, each on a different lesson. Of course we will have a couple of seasoned leaders in the new group as well. We would have more Step study groups, but there isn’t enough room for any more. In this way we can allow inmates to join every two to three months. At this time we have fourteen qualified leaders in this CR group. Due to their guidance, recruiting and leadership Christ through this CR is spreading through the yard at JHLCC. What a mighty and powerful God we serve!

In Christ

Terry Finch, Team Leader

Testimony from volunteer Miriam Welling

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter and trust that I will be able to convey the blessing that I receive from the precious ladies that I am privileged to serve each Monday night. The first Monday I went to Lee Arrendale Prison I experienced “culture shock.” Fences higher than I could ever reach with barbed-wire at the top, doors that lock automatically behind you, and locked gates at every entrance/exit drastically stated “check your freedom at the front door.” I was so intimidated by this most unwelcoming greeting and wondered what I was thinking when I pursued this. You know that God always knows for sure what we question and I’m sure He at least grinned at my assumptions. When the lady prisoners joined us a little later that first night, it was clear to me that I was in the receiving line! Other than the Khaki jumpsuits they looked no different than our group of “church ladies.”

I am presently working with the ladies in the Transitional Center. These ladies are within twelve months of being released and trying to prepare themselves for a productive life. It is a very fluid group with an average attendance of 7. Some of these ladies have jobs in the surrounding area and might be scheduled to work on Monday nights during our Celebrate Recovery time. Others just can’t stay committed to the depth of personal inspection it requires. We have a solid group of 5 who attend regularly and are committed to a better life with God as their head. We share with them, hear their beautiful prayers, and see them soak up His word. They inspire us to stretch ourselves to be closer to Him as we help do His kingdom work.

I’ve had the privilege of hearing the testimony of one of our strongest Christian prisoners at one of the area churches. She definitely has received what God has given her and that is our goal for each of these ladies.

Please continue to join us in prayer for this ministry and as you are able please continue to help us with our budget. It is making a huge difference in the lives of these women and in the lives of those of us privileged to serve them!


Miriam Welling

Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center–Story of Transformation

Alan S. – I would like to start by stating a little bit about my past. I started drinking when I was seven. I grew up in an abusive family. I smoked marijuana and have been addicted to coke and meth. I felt a void in my heart and was always willing to try anything to fill it. I know now that God is the only thing that fits.

I tried AA with no luck. I came across Celebrate Recovery and saw the light. I knew what I needed, a personal relationship with Christ. ”Lead me, tech me; for you are the God who gives me salvation. I have no hope except in you. “ Psalms 25:5. I knew the path I must follow.

When I arrived at Cheyenne Mountain Reentry Center, I was shining in His glory. I actually prayed to come here and without a word from anywhere or anyone I ended up here. I was overwhelmed with joy when I saw Celebrate Recovery Inside here. I knew I had to participate with this group. Our facilitator, Mr. Squires, has helped meet and even exceed my expectations. His knowledge of scripture gives him the ability to not only guide us through these steps and principles, but show us how they apply to following the Lord’s path.

I am blessed to have this opportunity to be in Celebrate Recovery Inside led by Mr. Squires. I am better for it.