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Common questions answered in plain English

Please click on the questions below to expand the panel to reveal the answer. We hope that most of the common questions will have an answer here. If there is a question that you feel would be beneficial to the masses, please feel free to drop us an email with your suggestions so we can determine if there is a need for the question and answer you are requesting.
CR Inside is an extension of the Celebrate Recovery® ('CR') Ministry founded by John Baker at SaddleBack Church in Lake Forest, CA. that takes the healing power of Christ through the 8 Principles and 12 Steps of Celebrate Recovery into the jails and prisons across the globe. We are blessed to have the opportunity to share CR with our brothers and sisters who are currently incarcerated, hopefully giving them the tools to overcome their hurts, habits, and hang-ups through the CR curriculum and to help them find ultimate freedom in Christ no matter where they are in their life or their circumstance. Read more
The original CRI Newsletter site was the website that we used to provide content about all that is happening in the Ministry of CR Inside. Since we have experienced the growth that God has provided in this Ministry that has driven the changes to our technology infrastructure, the CR Inside Newsletter in now going to be the tool we used to communicate about all of the news from across the globe that is relevant and related to all of the happenings of CR Inside. Please be sure to check out the CR Inside National website for more information, get the names and contact information about the CR Inside Reps from your location, or find a way to serve with us in this awesome and powerful tool and opportunity God has provided.
The original CR Inside Directory which listed all of the currently active CR Inside Ministries in prisons and jails across the globe was part of the original CRI Newsletter site. the Ministry of CR Inside has grown to a status of needing to separate portions of content out to a dedicated site about CR Inside. You can access the new CR Inside Directory on the CR Inside website by clicking here.
This is another piece of the original CRI Newsletter site that has been moved to the CR Inside National Website. You can access the listing of CR Inside State Reps on the CR Inside National website by clicking here.
We are currently working on adding a new feature to the CR Inside website to allow everyone to submit and commit to praying for the prayer requests that come in from those incarcerated as well as volunteers. Please check back soon to see when we go live with that feature.