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CR Inside Graduates at Boley, OK

God is doing awesome work at John Lilly Correctional Center! Last Saturday (11-17-12) due to our leaders teaching of the gospel of Christ, we had three men baptized into Christ. This CRI group is growing through the power of Jesus Christ. There are three step studies on every Saturday except for the third Saturday of every month where they have started a praise, worship and a testimony that is open to the yard. Praise God for all He is doing with these men. In two months we will be graduating men from one of the groups and then they will go through Leadership training where THEY will start another step study. We have three step studies going at a time, each on a different lesson. Of course we will have a couple of seasoned leaders in the new group as well. We would have more Step study groups, but there isn’t enough room for any more. In this way we can allow inmates to join every two to three months. At this time we have fourteen qualified leaders in this CR group. Due to their guidance, recruiting and leadership Christ through this CR is spreading through the yard at JHLCC. What a mighty and powerful God we serve!

In Christ

Terry Finch, Team Leader