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Greetings from We Care Inc.

Written by Christine Sumner/The Clarion, Re-printed with permission

I had the sweetest note today that I have ever gotten from a long time friend I met at the jail many years ago when we were both much younger. When I began taking Celebrate Recovery Inside to the jail last October I met her again. “What are you doing here again,” I asked her jokingly. She just sighed and made an “I don’t know” gesture.

Over the months following, I began to see a difference taking place and as the months went by, I knew this young woman had changed. I was so glad when the kind judge gave her one more chance after many others.

She has been clean and sober ever since. This young woman is a totally different person than the one I met in that jail over ten years ago. Jesus made the difference. Listen to this:

“I love you so very much. Thank you for coming to that jail and teaching the word of God. You let me know there was hope.”

I cannot tell you what this does for me. I feel sorry for anyone that has not felt the Spirit of God working in their heart when something like this occurs in their life. This is our purpose in life; go out and tell others about His forgiveness and the saving grace He offers to all who seek him. Going to church is wonderful but actually doing God’s work is beyond measure.

This young woman went to work as soon as she was released and her young single daughter welcomed her into her home with open arms and what a sweet reunion it was. I’ve been seeing their posts on Facebook and I want to share some of them:

A few days after she was released she posted this: “Well, I EOS (end of sentence) today! I am so excited! I don’t ever have to pay color code again!!!!! But guess what, I’m still going to stay clean cause I love life today.”

Later she wrote, “I thank God every day for the life I have....I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter. She is so awesome!....Thank you, Jesus, for saving me.”

Another post: “Life is what you make of it....don’t waste it...thank you Jesus for opening my eyes and giving me the desire to live....

On another day...”God’s way is always better.”

And from her beautiful daughter: “I am so proud of you, mommy. Please stay this way...I love it so much. I’m so glad we spent time together today. It means the world to me. You’ll never know how proud I am of you.”

“Yes, Baby, I can see it when you look at me. You just glow...I am really happy today...would not change for nothing.”

What a powerful story of how our Lord can work in our lives if we just believe and give him a chance. When I go into the jail every week I always pray that this will be the night I may say something that will reach a heart or hearts and it is happening week by week.

We have other women with similar stories. I hope to bring you more stories of how God can save you anywhere under any circumstances. Don’t you know He is smiling down on this young woman and her daughter today. I know He is and my heart is shouting as I sit here.