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Meet Bishop Frank Willett, Northeast Regional Editor

After being in CR at Trinity Life for about 6 months I was asked if I'd be interested in going inside the Baltimore County Detention Center teaching the program and I agreed.Little did I know that this is where God wanted me to be after all these years in Ministry in the pulpit. After entering the facility and seeing the inmates I felt comfortable among them and saw their need for the word and knowledge. Shortly thereafter I was approached by Pastor Handel Smith and asked to start up a new group in a Federal facility formally known as Super Max in Baltimore. We Kicked off in June of this year and I've been there every since, at one time it was just me until I was able to obtain some help. I started with 21 detainees and have graduated 3 classes of men totaling close to 50 now that completed Purpose Driven Life and Life’s healing Choices. These courses have been taught 2.5 times and we have now moved to the 12 steps.

Having said all of this, I was at home one evening and God spoke to me and let me know this was my calling, I was to go to the lost sheep, the misfits the nobodies, the ones no one wanted to be bothered with, the prison bound this is to be my congregation. Not only have I learned to love these men and to trust them, but I've found them to be brothers in Christ as well. I've encountered numerous brothers that have fallen by the wayside due to drugs, booze, fast money and other things that have separated them from God. There are many Ministers and former Pastors behind prison walls and by the Grace of God and CRI they have hope of change and a renewed belief that their lives will change and they can be forgiven for their sins and debts. I have earned the greatest respect from these men and they have earned mine as well and I constantly remind them that they are my extended family, and that God is in them somewhere deep down inside all they have to do is fined him and let Him come out. I've been to court for several of the men and testified at their hearings and seen them walk free because of the having been in CRI and completed the program. I believe if you “keep coming back it works if you work it, so work it you’re worth it ".

I was called into the ministry in 1982. I became a Deacon in The Pathway to Christ Interdenominational Church under the Pastorship of Elder Thomas Smith in 1982. It was in June of 1989 that I preached my trial sermon. The scripture was taken from the 15th chapter of the Gospel of St. John: I AM the True Vine. In 1989, I joined Christ Spiritual Baptist Temple under the Pastorship of Rev. Nettie B. Finney. I stayed there under her leadership approximately two years before the Lord moved me to the New Covenant Apostolic Faith Church of Jesus Inc. and its Association.I was licensed under General Bishop William E. Tate as a Minister, and ordained as an Elder in March of 1991. I was consecrated as a Bishop in April 1996. I studied theology under Bishop Tate until August 2004. During my tenure at New Covenant, I became the Sunday School Superintendent and field Bishop. My job was to go out and find fellowship churches throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia in order to promote fellowships and to setup and hold workshops and teachings of the Gospel. I also became the audio visual technician in the church and on the road as we traveled. I recorded the services on video and audio tapes and cassettes which were sold to the churches in the Baltimore and surrounding areas.I left New Covenant and moved to Prince George's County, Maryland in 2005, where I met Rev. Dr. Hubert Bellamy, Pastor of New Revelation Saints Baptist Church, located in Capital Heights, Maryland. This is my second year serving as the Assistant Pastor of this church.