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Welcome to the new CR Inside Newsletter

By Tom S. Hammack, Webmaster

We are proud to launch the new CR Inside Newsletter platform. We are excited to finally allow interaction between our followers and volunteers and the editors and staff. We think this change will bring a new level of information exchange to our following, and be a help to those who are (or feel called) to be involved in CR Inside to better keep up to date on happenings within this Ministry. Please be sure to check back often to see new content as it is added. You can also subscribe to updates from the blog to be notified when new posts are added by navigating to the bottom of the right hand menu on the blog pages in the 'Newsletter' section and entering your email address and clicking the 'Notify me' button. Please be assured we will never sell or otherwise use your email address for any purpose other than to send announcements about the CR Inside Ministry.

We are sure you have noticed things have changed quite a bit from the old CRI Newsletter interface, but know that the same people that were providing updates to the original site are now able to dynamically add content to this site to speed up the process of getting the word out about CR Inside around the country and around the world. This will help keep everyone more current on news, events, and other items for CR Inside.

Please be sure to check out the FAQ's Page to help you find your way around the new layouts and changes. Some things that were originally on the CRI newsletter site have been moved to our companion website at Please be sure to read over the FAQ's page for general questions and answers about CR Inside, and where to find things like the State Rep List and CR Inside Directory pages. For information from one of our Regional Editors or to send a general inquiry please email us at The Regional Editors will be monitoring this email account and will be following up for you on any requests.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the new sites, or have a suggestion for a feature or added functionality, please feel free to send me an email at

Thanks again for your interest and for being involved in the ministry of CR Inside. We hope the new CR Inside Newsletter gives you a better understanding of what motivates us to be God's hands and feet to the incarcerated, and provides the information, tools and support you need if you are currently (or feel called for) taking CR inside.

Tom S. Hammack
CR Inside Webmaster

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  • Terry Bernier

    6/23/2017 10:19:36 AM | Reply

    I'm the newest CR Inside apprentice for Arizona!   Can't wait to learn everything and bring CR to the prisons here!

  • Kathy Pelfrey

    1/9/2018 5:30:32 PM | Reply

    I am new to the concept of Celebrate Recovery. God has put it into my heart to find out more about this program. I attended a meeting last night in Stow, Ohio and was amazed. I am from Akron, Ohio the home of Alcoholics Anonymous and am so excited that there is a program like this. I am a little baffled at why it is not more widely known especially with the opiode epidemic in this country. I am a psychiatric nurse and feel that this is a truly needed forum that needs the word spread much wider than it is and want to know more.