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Hector’s Story

by Ashley Gorka MI State Rep

Our visit to the Waseca FCC was not a normal visit as many of them are not when the Holy Spirit changes another life. It was so appropriate that CR Inside National Director Hector Lozano shared his story in front of 80 step graduates and 40 leaders that he took through Advanced Leadership Training. Their lives have been forever changed as they were filled with the hope and victory that comes from a changed life. Hector shared a true to the DNA testimony highlighting the following areas:

  • the old me
  • experiences and changes working through Celebrate Recovery
  • the new me
  • outreach

Hector shared deeply and honestly of a troubled childhood in Mexico. He held nothing back including the tears. It started with the death of his mother at an early age. Left behind were his brothers and sisters. His father was dealing with the loss of his wife and mother of his children, and his own pile of hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Hector was bounced around from place to place and suffered abuse from someone that he trusted. Hector spoke of being so terribly hungry that he would hide the precious little food he bought from the meager job he struggled to get. His father eventually remarried and slowly things got a little better. Hector remembers going to school for the first time with a sack lunch and telling all the other kids that his “mother” made it for him. You never know the deepness of someone’s pain until they share the most intimate parts of their past.

Hector jumped ahead a bit and talked about his first marriage and all the problems they had because of the abuse they had each suffered from in their past. Neither one of them really spoke of it and they never got past it. Hector spoke of his failing marriage and how his pain and suffering was passed down to his own children. This is something every parent dreads and is their worst nightmare come true – a result of not having dealt with past issues.

Later, after having gone through a divorce, custody arguments, visitation issues, work problems, and all the issues from being separated from God, Hector fell to his rock bottom. This is the point that we reach and in our lives when we are finally to accept God’s help and admit we can’t do it alone.

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

God had a plan for Hector. Little did Hector know that his life was about to change while working in a maximum security prison doing a job very few would even consider or be able to handle. With some of the most hardened men in the world having done unmentionable crimes, Hector joined a step group!

This is where a man serving a double-life sentence brought Hector to Jesus and a deeper understanding of relationships and what it means to be truly forgiven. This man was able to experience true freedom and forgiveness while locked up for his entire life, and he passed on a gift to Hector that he will always remember.

Through working the 12 steps and 8 principles, Hector has become a true leader because he has allowed himself to be lead and to lead others from his weaknesses. Hector learned that it is through the lamb, through sacrifice, that we get our strength. Now he is doing the 12th step and 8th principle by carrying the message, God’s message, to those most intended to hear it.

Because of CR Inside, his 12 step brothers, and the grace and forgiveness of our loving father and the sacrifice of his son Jesus, Hector has been able to turn his life and will over to the care and control of the ultimate higher power. Hector prays that you find him now just as he and the people in prisons have.

Today Hector is a National leader in the Celebrate Recovery ministry that reaches hundreds of thousands of hungry, oppressed people all over the world. He has a new life and a loving wife that is an angel here on earth. His relationships with his family have been restored and he keeps short accounts and makes his amends immediately. Truly all the 12 steps and 8 life recovery principles have had a life-changing effect on Hector and his family.

I have been blessed beyond measure to be able to hear Hector’s story and to be given his permission to write about it for the CR Inside newsletter. Hector is an amazing servant leader and friend to us all! I am humbled by his story and the depths from which he came. This could only have happened through the healing power of Jesus.

God has no limits! Ashley Gorka, MN State Rep.