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Meet our Regional Editors

Marian Collins

South-Central Regional Editor Marian Collins.

Marian is a State Rep from Texas, and has great love for those inside. She also contributes often to our Facebook page. Read Marian’s bio including her story of her amazing happenings in Texas institutions.

Bobby Pepper

Southeast Regional Editor Bobby Pepper.

Bobby, who by profession is a writer and editor, is also a Ministry Leader at his CR. After you’ve seen Bobby’s bio, you’ll want to be sure to read his article about the first ever East Coast Summit that Bobby covered for us!

Ashley Gorka

North-Central Regional Editor Ashley Gorka.

Ashley, who is also a State Rep, has conducted leadership seminars at Summit, as well as inside. He translates his exuberance and heart for the incarcerated into a wellspring of service. He has been contributing to the newsletter for a few years, and is a great fit as a Regional Editor. Read Ashley's bio.

Frank Willett

Northeast Regional Editor Frank Willett

Frank brings his years as a preacher in the pulpit and combines them with his recent exposure to CR Inside, which promises to bring a fresh perspective. Read Frank's bio.

Darlene Monroe

West Regional Editor Darlene Monroe

Darlene’s great skills as a writer and her heart for the hurting is sure to provide us with great articles like the one in this issue, as well as covering a region that CR Inside is well represented. Read Darlene’s bio.